Best Practices for Business Resiliency

Businesses today require a high degree of network connectivity and a dynamic mobile environment in order to conduct business efficiently and securely. By focusing on business accessibility, mobility and resiliency, enables a highly productive working environment, while dramatically reducing the threats of data loss, virus attacks and security breaches.

Implementing a best practices approach to business resilience and security optimizes productivity. Secure data backed up via your existing network to our off-site storage systems. This pay-as-you-use subscription service includes the software and operational support you need to quickly implement a cost effective, best practices-based data protection strategy.

Accountability for Preemptive Protection

We are raising the bar in accountability with performance, reliability and security by ensuring business continuity, and compliance laws such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA regarding data security and privacy. Our clients can rest assured that their IT infrastructure is secured with preemptive protection from the most critical threats known and unknown by delivering an elevated standard for accountability in helping organizations minimize risk and controlling escalating security costs.

Vulnerability Solutions

Network, Servers & Workstations
Data and Information
Remote Access Security
Web Application Security
Physical Infrastructure
Virus & Malware Management

Audit & Compliance Reporting

Sarbanes Oxley