Amerige Heights

Fibersphere Internet Upgrade

Please check here for regular updates regarding the dates particular streets that are targeted for upgrade.

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Fibersphere Recommended Routers
A high quality wireless router will help ensure that you get the most out of your new upgraded service. Here are a few routers we have tested and recommend to create a great internet experience.

TP-Link Archer AC1750TP-Link Archer AC1200TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 (Gigabit)

Upgrade Schedule*

Date Streets
04-16-2018 Lawton Street, Heterbrink Street
05-29-2018 Stein-Strauss Avenue, Root Street, Nicolas Way, Christie Street, Northam Drive, Starbuck Street
05-30-2018 Christie Street, Perkins Street, Hutain Street, Hopping Street, Starbuck Street, Benchley Street, Armijo Street, Mulville Street, Gilman Street
06-01-2018 Verry Street, Nicolas Way, McGarvey Street, Stein-Strauss Avenue, Evans Street, Burdorf Court, Carpenter Court
06-02-2018 Heterbrink Street, Hessen Street, Ward Street, Pray Street
06-03-2018 Noutary Drive, Andrews Drive, McFadden Drive, Begovich Street, Lenahan Street, Goodwin Street
06-04-2018 Nicolas Way, Pray Street, Redfield Street, Perkins Streets
06-05-2018 Armstrong Drive, Chaffee Street, Nicolas Way, Verry Street, Heterbrink Street, Ward Street,
06-06-2018 Starbuck Street, Root Street
06-07-2018 Nicolas Way, Begovich Street, Heterbrink Street, Hughes Way
06-08-2018 Lukens Courts, Beckman Court, Sheddon Street, Osbourne Court, Catlin Street, Nicolas Way, Christie Street, Redfield Street
06-09-2018 McFadden Drive, Strickler Drive, Stein-Strauss Avenue, Shapiro Street, Simon Street
06-10-2018 Catlin Street, Starbuck Street, Thatcher Street, Root Street, Evans Street, Hewitt Court, Walraven Court
06-11-2018 Chilton Court, Chambers Court, Phillips Drive, Andrews Drive, Booth Court, Beazley Court
* 06-12-2018 Jewett Drive, Mendez Drive, Olson Drive, Nicolas Way, Yarbough Drive, Chaffee Drive, Clark Drive
Help Tent Location: Maxwell Street & Hetebrink Street
* 06-13-2018 Maag Place, Cornwell Drive, Silva Drive, Cittadin Drive
Help Tent Location: Hughes Drive & Cornwell Drive
* 06-14-2018 Elfstrom Drive, Chaffee Street, Olson Drive, Sheller Drive, Hortham Drive, Clark Drive, Schlaepfer Drive
Help Tent Location: Maxwell Street & Hetebrink Street
* 06-15-2018 Kohlenberger Drive, Vu Avenue, Arnold Way
Help Tent Location: Hughes Drive & Cornwell Drive
* 06-18-2018 Kohlenberger Drive, Vu Avenue, Owens Drive
Help Tent Location: Hughes Drive & Cornwell Drive
09-14-2018 Klose Lane, Gardiner Lane, Livingston Lane, Spencer Lane, Wright Lane, Gallemore Lane, Cusick Lane
Help Tent Location: Hughes Drive & Cusick Drive

* No appointment necessary for the indicated dates.